NML launches new website

Thursday 24th July 2014

NML launches new website

Granted, it has taken us an eon to get a new website and we knew the only way it would happen is if we brought in a marketing person to deliver this on our behalf. Thankfully, she has not only delivered us a website but she has put us on track with our on going marketing and communication policy, so ‘thank you Michelle, you’re now considered one of the team’.

We aim to use this section of the website to announce and talk directly to our clients and website visitors about what is happening at NML and what may happen in the future too. We also intend to use this area for answering the regular questions we get asked at NML and provide answers as well as technical titbits of advise that may be of use to you.

If you wish to receive regular updates from this section then please do sign up below and you’ll receive this information as an email as soon as it’s published. If you do have any questions or are after some advice regarding your technology then give us a call.