As a Microsoft Reseller, we provide hosting, consultancy, management and expert help with setting up and integrating Microsoft products. We also provide training and  support for users and administrators.


We work with our clients on a diverse multi-vendor platform including Apple OSX, Linux and iOS on mobiles and tablets.


Being a solutions provider for VMware – ESXi is one of the leading virtualising hosts for any size company, offering excellent reliability and performance.


Our partnership with Dell allows us to supply and support the complete portfolio of Dell products.


As an HP Business Partner we provide their full range of solutions  – laptops, workstations, servers and networking for the SME and corporate clients.


Formerly IBM Personal Computing Division, Lenovo manufactures and markets reliable, high-quality PC and server products with world-wide renowned support and excellence.


Mimecast  delivers high quality email security, continuity and archiving solution for the SME and corporate users.


Zen Internet has grown from a pioneering ISP into a company that provides the full range of data, voice and hosting services to business and residential customers across the UK.


ESET are known for developing innovative security solutions designed to proactively detect threats and protect computers against cyber crime. Dedicated to developing high-performing security solutions for home and corporate users they detect and disable all known and emerging forms of malware.


CodeTwo provides tools for email signature management, Exchange and Office 365 migrations & backup as well as intelligent calendar and contacts synchronisation.


Providers of network, storage and security hardware devices. Supported with a lifetime warranty on networking and security products and 5 years on most storage devices. NETGEAR are a popular choice.  

Kroll Ontrack

Kroll Ontrack started in 1985 with the development of Disk Manager, a software program that makes the process of installing a computer hard disk far easier. Disk Manager remains a top-selling software product and to-date, more than 150-million copies of Disk Manager have sold worldwide. The success of Disk Manager led the company into the business of recovering data from damaged hard disk drives, resulting in the formation of ONTRACK Data Recovery in 1987. ONTRACK Data Recovery pioneered the tools and techniques for the data recovery industry.


Comodo Group Inc. are a privately held group of companies providing computer software and SSL digital certification. The Comodo Group offer many free products through their website, available for public download. Most notable of Comodo’s free products are the Comodo Internet Security freeware program, incorporating Comodo’s firewall, Comodo Firewall Pro, Host Intrusion Prevention System and Antivirus.


What began as a better way to build software transparency and collaboration soon shifted the balance of power in an entire industry. The revolution of choice continues. Today Red Hat is the world’s most trusted provider of Linux and Open Source technology.


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a responsive malware remover that does what it says and with a minimum of fuss. With Advanced Malware Detection and Removal of Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Rootkits, Dialers and Spyware, Malwarebytes is your safest choice.


Founded in 2009, Altaro has grown rapidly over the years and continues to do so with their flagship solution Altaro VM Backup, which is rapidly gaining traction as the natural choice for Hyper-V and VMware VM backups.