IT Support

IT not working for you? Give NML a call on 01342 714301

Whether you require external support with access to our ON DEMAND help desk, or on site engineers to deal with hardware failures, network issues or a complete project, then Network Maintenance Limited (NML) is your ‘No Nonsense’ choice.  We offer Home Worker and Mobile Messaging Support as part of a standard IT and communications support agreement, ensuring you are never disconnected.

All of our engineers have been employed for their technical expertise, service commitment and customer care capabilities. A ‘No Nonsense’ response where results are the priority is standard practice.

If you are looking for a company that delivers and has the expertise to keep you ahead of your competitors, then give NML a call on 01342 714301 and request a FREE site survey and audit.

What would you expect from a IT help desk?IMG_0943

  • Quick and knowledgeable response
  • Friendly customer care
  • Answer and fix to your problem
  • Recorded tracking of what was reported, said and done.

Our team know you by name, are flexible in accommodating all your needs and deliver all the above with a sense of purpose and care.

Whether you call our office, or access this system remotely, the NML helpdesk ticketing process ensures your communication with us is recorded, tracked and monitored, to ensure nothing gets missed or forgotten.

Our ASM (Automatic Service Monitoring) suite of tools help us to monitor server health and disk space, as well as internet service provider activity. Therefore, we are able to action any issue that arises, saving our clients time, money and worry whilst ensuring downtime is a rarity.

All of our ‘On Site’ visits are carried out by our 2nd line engineers and/or our senior consultants. Whether a software issue, hardware failure, cabling, network or complete project requirement, we have the team and resource to take on just about anything.

NML have never let us down to date and we would highly recommend them. Mr C. Huntley, Huntley Cartright

The majority of our clients have on site hours banked or booked, providing a full or partial IT team on site, when required. This means your IT staffing commitment is only a cost when required rather than an ongoing overhead. In addition, employed in-house IT teams may benefit from accessing the skills, experience and knowledge that a company such as NML can provide as 3rd line IT support.

Out of Hours Support is offered to all of our clients, providing critical support before 8am and after 6pm Monday to Friday, as well as weekends and bank holidays. For more information and details of charges for this service, please contact Duncan Hollands on 01342 714301 or via our Contact Form.