Our Values

The Values That Guide Us

We believe it’s important to understand what guides a company’s working relationships and practises.  It’s the integrity and life blood of the business and for us our values are quite simply; honesty, accountability, simplicity and results.


  • Communicating truth at all times using direct and indirect means.
  • Meeting our corporate responsibilities.
  • Treating employees, partners, clients and investors in the way the business owner would want to be treated creating an environment of trust and support.


  • Personal accountability for our actions and our results.
  • Commit to our promises made to others and one another.
  • Involve others who maybe affected in decisions and plans.
  • Focused on results and finding solutions to every issue.
  • Actively engaged in solution finding discussions with clients and team members.


  • Avoiding use of jargon when communicating technical issues with clients and any other non technical persons.
  • Keeping proposals, quotes and written communication simplistic without missing the detail.
  • Simplistic solutions where appropriate.


  • Achieve results set and enjoy the success that comes with this.
  • Help people to do their best by providing coaching and feedback.
  • Keeping a positive attitude whilst focused on completing the job in hand.
  • Show people how they are valued and appreciated.