Panini UK Ltd

Panini UK Ltd


Panini UK is based in Tunbridge Wells with its main company headquarters in Modena, Italy, named after the Panini brothers who founded the business in 1961. Panini produces books, comics, magazines, stickers, trading cards and other items through its collectibles and publishing subsidiaries. Panini distributes its own products and those of third party providers.  Through Panini Digital the company uses voice-activated software to capture football statistics, which is sells to agents, teams, media outlets and video game manufacturers.


NML worked with Marvel Comics, prior to its purchase by the Panini Group. Using Macs and PCs, Panini produce a range of well known comics such as Dr Who, Barbie, Spiderman and The Fantastic Four.


Panini required a stable and resilient platform for its ever growing data library and to ensure ‘future proofing’ for its ongoing growth.


Following a history of servers being superseded, due to the enormous volume of data generated by the company, it was imperative a long game strategy was implemented.

NML considered the growth curve of Panini and was then able to advise on a more robust, future proof focused platform.

NML built and set up two mirrored servers, providing replication between the two, as well as a back up server to accommodate the publishing data of Panini.


The physical result for Panini has been a stable, expandable platform, while  psychologically the outcome has been the peace of mind that the problem has been resolved. Commercially the solution has enabled faster workflow, negating the ongoing hold ups experienced in the past.


Peace of mind, faster access to archive, efficiency in their data systems and no interruption of workflow due to upgrading servers.