NML Remote

NML Remote is our older remote management application that allows our engineers to remotely administer any* computer connected to the internet.

It uses a technology knows as VNC (Virtual Network Computing) which sends keyboard strokes and mouse clicks from one computer to another while refreshing screen updates.

NML Remote uses 128-bit Encryption to secure communications between the host and client computers to provide our customers with peace of mind.

Just click on the buttons below to download the client and then select "Save" to save it to your desktop.
Remote Control your Windows PC! Remote Control your Apple Mac

Once downloaded, "Run" the file and select the appropriate Support Portal
The Program will uninstall itself from your computer 5 minutes after use.

Please contact NML on +44 (0) 844 477 8420 prior to downloading NML Remote, we will not respond to a request that has not been authorised by our support team.

*Not every network is the same nor is its configuration, as a result we cannot guarantee that we will be able to connect to every computer, whether on the internet or not. The most common cause for an inability to connect is the configuration of a firewall/s. If NML engineers are unable to connect to you computer please contact your network administrator to determine what restrictions might be in place on your network.